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Argo is a kind of film which allows you to breathe in every moment of the story as it builds and at the same time leaves you breathless with the blazing tension and excitement. There isn't a moment of 'Zero Dark Thirty'-like self-consciousness in its direction and cinematography and neither is Argo surfeit with dialogues like Lincoln - the film is purely two hours of rush that not for a moment feels rushed. I deliberately chose to watch Argo after the eight fake bank statement other nominees for Best Picture as it would be easier for me to decide whether or not it deserved the acclaim and accolades. After watching Argo I understand why the film won - it has this winning formula that 2010′s Oscar-snubbed Social Network and Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' had: it keeps you hooked every second every minute of its appropriate 2 hour runtime. You are never distracted, and not for a moment do you twiddle or purposelessly text on your stupid cell-phones.
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