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fake bank statement 3 kuud 1 Nädal ago #388

Some of the things that happened and maybe still happen in the world surprise us, and one scene that stunned me comes later in Argo where Iranian children are used to meticulously reassemble the shredded documents which would reveal the identities of the six American refugees. What didn't surprise me much however was the benefits a 'film' related tag can give you at any place; just mentioning you come from the film-industry grants you some immunity or respite in USA, in Iran or any other place. There's an interesting scene in the film where the fake bank statement quack crew is accompanied by a member of Iranian Cultural Affairs to location scout at the bazaar and the latter asks fake director, now played by one of the six refugees, whether the film was about a Canadian woman's romance with Iran's culture and its people. That's precisely the kind of movies you see today which aim at sensitizing different cultures and breaking cultural barriers; my point here being that Hollywood can really help achieve that. The climax is another moment where the character's fake film credentials really work for them, and it's a treat to watch such an implausible thing actually w
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