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MXGP of Sardegna: Where to watch

FIM Motocross World Championship enters the eighth round of the series this weekend, as the action heads to sandy Riola Sardo for the second edition of the MXGP of Sardegna.

Fans in Italy can enjoy the Sardinian Grand Prix on RAI Sport HD and RAI streaming online, along with all the races LIVE on Eurosport 2. Meanwhile, Belgium’s VRT will be onsite in Riola Sardo to deliver LIVE commentary for the MX2 races as they follow the progress of their home hero Jago Geerts.

Don’t miss the action this weekend and check out the full list of channels below that will air LIVE and delayed action of the MXGP of Sardegna, along with the 26min Behind-the-Gate magazine, available to enjoy on and via our TV magazine partners following the GP weekend, featuring the best moments from the races and exclusive interviews, plus more!

As always, MXGP fans can follow the races LIVE throughout the weekend, all you need to do is log onto this Saturday and Sunday to watch the MXGP, MX2, WMX and EMX250 action from the comfort of your home.

Saturday    Studio Show10:1510:4508:1508:45WMX Race 114:4015:2012:4013:20EMX250 Race 115:2516:1013:2514:10MX2 Qualifying16:1517:0014:1515:00MXGP Qualifying17:0017:4515:0015:45Sunday    WMX Race 209:4010:4007:4008:40EMX250 Race 211:2512:2509:2510:25MX2 Race 113:0014:0012:0012:00MXGP Race 114:0015:0012:0013:00MX2 Race 216:0017:0014:0015:00

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