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FIM bosses announce Hard Enduro World Championship for 2021

FIM chiefs have this morning announced a 2021 Hard Enduro World Championship with a provisional eight-round calendar that kicks off in Portugal.

Previously called the World Enduro Super Series, it will become an official world championship but still run by WESS under a four-year deal.

A new Pro-Class regulation, in line with all FIM international standards, will offer the highest level of transparency and fairness to professional riders, teams and manufacturers who will compete to win the official world-recognized title of FIM Hard Enduro World Champion.

The joint-venture also aims to keep the amateur side of the series flourishing by bringing more people into the sport as they will be able to be in the same race as the likes of Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker and Billy Bolt.

“Every once in a while an opportunity comes to do something very interesting and new in motorcycle sport,” said FIM CEO Tony Skillington.

“I am completely convinced that this championship will become a very important part of the FIM calendar in the future and I am more than pleased that we are finally signing a four-year contract for the promotion of a FIM Hard Enduro World Championship.

“I also appreciate the energy and dedication that both FIM and WESS have deployed together to work on all of the ways to make this championship a success.”

2021 Provisional calendar

Round 1: May 7/8/9 – Extreme XL Lagares – Portugal – FMP

Round 2: June 3/4/5/6 – Red Bull Erzbergrodeo – Austria – AMF

Round 3: July 10/11 – TBD – Italy – FMI

Round 4: July 27/28/29/30/31 – Red Bull Romaniacs – Romania – FRM

Round 5: August 14/15 – Red Bull TKO – USA – AMA

Round 6: September 18/19 – TBD – Poland – PZM

Round 7: October 1/2/3 – Hixpania Hard Enduro – Spain – RFME

Round 8: October 30/31 – GetzenRodeo – Germany – DMSB

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