Mootorratta ja autospordi, uudised ja mõtted ja mõnd muud veel.

MXGP of Czech Republic gets five-year deal

MXGP promoter Infront Moto Racing has renewed its contract with Autoklub of the Czech Republic and Automoto Klub Loket to ensure the future of the MXGP of Czech Republic at the spectacular circuit for the next five years.

“We are very excited to go on for a long term of five years, it is an important decision for all parties involved,” said Infront Moto Racing’s COO Daniele Rizzi. “I would like to thank Jan Šťovíček for all his activities behind the scenes and now in the frontline! 

“Czech Republic is in MXGP, it is in the world of motocross because of the great efforts of all parties. Over the next five years we will make sure that the sport of motocross is developing even further in the country and this is a very important agreement that we have reached today. It has been many good years in Loket so far and it will be even more rewarding to be there with ACCR for the coming five years.”

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