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MXGP provisional calendar released

FIM Motocross World Championship promoter Infront Moto Racing has released a provisional 20-date calendar for the 2021 series.

Kicking off in Oman on April 3, the championship will visit 17 different countries over the course of eight months before signing off in Argentina on November 14. Russia and Indonesia will each get two GPs but – at present – there is no MXGP of Great Britain on the calendar. However, there is still a venue to be confirmed for the penultimate round on October 31 and COVID-19 regulations mean changes to dates and venues is pretty much inevitable.

The Motocross of Nations is set for Imola in Italy on September 26.

The FIM Junior 85cc/125cc Motocross World Championship along with the FIM 65cc Junior Motocross World Cup will be held in Greece on July 31/August 1.

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