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New MXGP team for Arnaud Tonus

Swiss MXGP star Arnaud Tonus, who lost his Monster Energy Yamaha factory ride for 2021, will stay in blue after joining the new hostettler Yamaha Racing team.

The 29-year-old has had a tough season with injuries dropping him from fifth in 2019 to 17th just 12 months later. The hostettler group is a major Swiss company with strong links to motorsport and will field two more Swiss riders – Valentin Guillod and Joel Elsener – as well as Petr Polak from the Czech Republic. Guillod will join Tonus in the MXGP class with Elsener and Polak lining up in MX2.

“I’m really motivated and happy to stay with Yamaha,” said Tonus. “I have been on that bike for years now and it’s great to continue with them. Having the support from hostettler is very helpful and I’m thankful for that. 

“It’s actually a challenge for a new team to put it all together but we have a really good group of people and that makes the team perform well. We have a bit of time now before the season starts, let’s have a good preparation and a great season.”

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