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Portsmouth MXC returns to ACU

Following the recent collapse of the MCF, Portsmouth MXC will return to action next year affiliated to the ACU.

Formed in 1973, the club averages an annual membership that regularly runs to around 400. After suspending all racing activities this year because of the pandemic, for 2021 it has announced a 12-round summer series.

“As a club we are looking forward to moving into our new era with the ACU and will be celebrating our club’s 50th year as members of the ACU in 2023,” said Portsmouth MXC Chairman Martin Bradbury. “For 2021 we have decided that due to the current pandemic we will run every three weeks instead of every two weeks which would give us an extra week to sort any extra requirements due to changing government guidelines. 

“We also hope that if all goes as planned during the summer, we would be looking to bring back our winter series through October, November, December [and] January to make 2021 a fantastic year of racing.”

Here’s the calendar…

February 7 – Swanmore
February 28 – West Meon
March 21 – TBC 
April 11 – Bere Regis 
May 2 – Cusses Gorse 
May 23 – TBC 
June 13 – TBC 
July 3-4 – Little Silver
July 25 – TBC
August 14-15 – Culham
September 5 – West Meon
September 25-26 – Swanmore
November 27 – Presentation (Southampton Guildhall)

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