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Ski legend Marcel Hirscher takes up enduros

What do Austrian skiing legends do to kill the time after retiring from a sport that’s brought them eight World Cups and a global fan following? Well, if you’re Marcel Hirscher you take up enduros! 

The 31-year-old has been putting in the hours on two wheels with expert guidance from former Dakar champ and Red Bull KTM factory rider Matthias Walkner.

“For the summer it is absolutely a new hobby,” said Hirscher. “Matthias took me along a lot this summer and I developed passion. It’s nice to be able to do the sport like this. It’s really cool. I’m not really good but because I’ve only been doing it for one summer the development is okay.

“It’s a constant learning process. I just want to get better quickly so that I can keep up with Matthias on the circuit. It’s real fun and very informal.”

Walkner is full of praise for his new pupil.

“He has already developed in the last year, where we rode at least once every week,” he said. “He has already gone extremely far. Before, he sometimes only sat on the bike once a year.”

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